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Aeration Fans 
*These fans are designed for quiet, efficient aeration with a minimum of maintenance and operating cost.

*We have models available ranging 12" to 28"...... so you can get just the right fan to do the right job.



*Model SA-120751 & SA -141001 feature 115 volt single phase electric motors with plug cords wired.

*Standard legs, stands and carrying handles.

*Powder coat guards.

*Completely factory assembled and test run before shipment.

*Reversible application to pull air down through the grain, or to direct the air flow up through the grain by turning the fan around and reversing the guard.

*Either the intake or the discharge ends may be mounted to an air duct metal transition, or a flat wall bin.

*Magnetic contactor mounted in a weather-proof enclosure on 18" fans.

* Magnetic contactor standard on 24" and 28" fans.

Click on the Link Below for Necessary Manual!
SA-12075, SA-12100, SA-14100
SA-16200 - SA-281300
These manuals include instructions, wiring diagrams, and information about the fans.
Click on the link below to find a Baldor Service Center near you!
Click on the PDF File to open the Motor Warranty Form for Baldor Motors.
Part Number                        Weight                       Description

SA-120751                            57#                      12" 3/4hp 115V 1ph
SA-120753                            57#                      12" 3/4hp 230/460V 3ph
SA-121001                            60#                      12" 1hp 115V 1ph
SA-121003                            60#                      12" 1hp 230/460V 3ph

SA-141001                            67#                      14" 1hp 115V 1ph
SA-141003                            67#                      14" 1hp 230/460V 3ph

SA-162001                            90#                      16" 2hp 230V 1ph
SA-162003                            90#                      16" 2hp 230/460V 3ph

SA-182001                            95#                      18" 2hp 230V 1ph
SA-182003                            95#                      18" 2hp 230/460V 3ph
SA-183001                            105#                    18" 3hp 230V 1ph
SA-183003                            105#                    18" 3hp 230/460V 3ph
*Starters for SA-182001 & 183001 1ph fans
*Starters for SA-182003 & 183003 3ph fans

SA-245001                           210#                     24" 5hp 230V 1ph w/starter 
SA-245003                           210#                     24" 5hp 230/460V 3ph w/starter

SA-241001                           210#                     24" 10hp 230V 1ph w/starter
SA-241003                           210#                     24" 10hp 230/460V 3ph w/ starter

SA-2813001                         265#                     28" 15hp 230V 1ph w/starter
SA-2813003                         265#                     28" 15hp 230/460V 3ph w/starter