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Roof Vents 
8 Models Available!
SA-870- 8" x 8" Roof Vent 70 degrees
SA-1270- 12" x 12" Roof Vent 70 degree
SA-1570- 15" x 15" Roof Vent 70 degree
SA-1590 - 15" x 15" Roof Vent 90 degree
SA-1570PS - 15" x 15" Pivot Screen Roof Vent 70 degree
SA-1590PS - 15" x 15" Pivot Screen Roof Vent 90 degree
SA-1870 - 18" x 18" Roof Vent 70 degree
SA-1890- 18" x 18" Roof Vent 90 degree

SA-71- Extra Roof Vent Base Piece
SA-72- Kit to put roof vent on bin 
     (includes bolts, nuts, caulking for one vent)
SA-73 - Diverter to help keep dirt, snow, water, and ice from building up at the top of the roof vent. Available for 12",15", & 18".

*Easily Installed On All Bins By One Person 
*A Neccessity for all Drying Bins 
*Low Price
*Base Easily Removed
*Lock Seam Joints
*Bird Proof Screen 
*100% Galvanized to withstand years of weather conditions.
*Holes Symmetrically Punched
*Double Edges For Extra Strength
*Heavy Angle Base

SA-1270- Powered Roof Vent

1. Lightweight (67 lbs)
2. Only 15" x 15" space needed on bin roof so that can be mounted fairly close to peak of bin to remove moist air out of peak & top of bin.
3.Has 12" Aeration Fan to pull moist air out of top of bin (plug enclosed)
4. Can be shipped totally assembled (in two boxes) by UPS.
5. Installed like a regular roof vent & mounting the fan to underside of roof sheet.
6. Economical to purchase & operate

Pivot Screen Roof Vents 

Available in 2 sizes!

90 Degree
70 Degree
Diverter for Roof Vents 
Click Below for the Roof Vent Assembly Sheet!